Webinar: Up to $2K of Home Care Services for Vets & Spouses

Mar 25, 2015

Veterans and surviving spouses may qualify for financial assistance for home care and health-related benefits, yet, most veterans, families, and home care agencies are unaware of the details or of what questions to ask. ClearCare assembled an expert panel to share the inside tips of the Veteran Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit and how to make this a competitive advantage for your agency. Panelists: Debbie Burak Founder of VeteranAid.org Patty Servaes Founder of Elder Resource Benefits Consulting   Derek: Good morning or good afternoon, everybody. This is Derek Jones with ClearCare. Depending on where you’re at today, good afternoon or good morning. We are here in San Francisco, so we’re just getting the day started. I’m really excited to bring to you a really read more »

Helping Home Care Heroes Like You

Mar 21, 2015

By Geoff Nudd, Founder & CEO of ClearCare Online A few weeks ago, we at ClearCare were very excited to announce a groundbreaking research project with two incredible partners: Harvard Medical School and Right At Home.  The importance and potential impact of this research cannot be underestimated.  As a backdrop, we are witnessing the largest demographic shift in human history.  In the very near future, our aging population of seniors will represent the global majority of citizens across the developed world. Just stop and think about that for a second. This demographic shift is going to hit our frail healthcare system like a tsunami.  Over the next two decades, there will be a relentless expansion of seniors leaning on our read more »

Top 5 Can’t Miss Conferences for Home Care Providers

Mar 20, 2015

2015 is shaping up to be a big year for the home care industry, as there are many events providing innovative solutions to streamline business. In this post, we’ll share the 5 events that represent both the biggest, and the most distinguished events for home care professional to attend this year. 2015 HCAOA Annual Conference – September 27-30, 2015 – Washington, D.C. Taking place in the nation’s capital, the 2015 HCAOA conference’s theme is HOME CARE: UNITED WE STAND. The HCAOA has is one of the most respected voices serving home care providers in the United States. The event covers four tracks: advocacy, operations, sales and marketing, and care development. The HCAOA promotes advocacy and plays an integral part when challenging read more »

A Secret One-Two Punch when Investing in your Home Care Agency

Mar 12, 2015

Should your home care agency move into the street-side office space? How do you rationalize upgrading your home care software if you’re paying nothing today? Should you spend $3K to wrap your car (as long as your spouse agrees!)? When do you know it’s time to hire a salesperson? All of these questions can be answered by looking at two simple numbers.     The Jab: Know the Average Lifetime Value of a Customer (LTV) LTV is the gross revenue earned for each customer. Knowing this number will give you confidence in how much you’re willing to spend for each incremental client. (Remember, you’re trying to understand if you should hire a salesperson or purchase software that will scale with your read more »

ClearCare Announces Integrated Payment Processing, Invoice and Collect with a Single Click

Feb 23, 2015

ClearCare’s data research team recently surveyed hundreds of home care agencies to discover the core issues they’re facing today. The research determined that agencies encounter considerable efficiency challenges in billing and reconciliation workflows. In response to these paramount issues, we’re excited to deliver an innovative new product for the home care industry, Integrated Payment Processing.  ClearCare Integrated Payment Processing enables home care agencies to invoice and collect with a single click. With ClearCare Integrated Payment Processing, agencies can: Accept credit card payments, securely and simply Invoice with a single click Automatically collect payments through autopay or through a client friendly payment portal Automatically reconcile payments and invoices Automatically sync payment info with billing software, such as QuickBooks The outcome for read more »

Case Study: How Schedule Genie Helps A Place at Home to Win 100% of Unemployment Claims and Grow Their Business

Jan 26, 2015

Even the most seasoned professionals need an assist when branching out into a new venture.  In the case of Jerod Evanich, co-founder of A Place At Home elder care and senior in-home care agency, ClearCare was able to supply this entrepreneur and his team with the tools they needed to not only increase year-over-year growth, but to effectively allocate caregiver resources and fight employment claims. ClearCare’s Schedule Genie tool was able to provide for the needs of the A Place At Home team, giving them the ability to reduce time spent on scheduling caregivers, stay compliant with laws pertaining to caregiver overtime pay, and provide a layer of proof that helped them win 100% of all caregiver employment claims. A read more »

Behind the Scenes at ClearCare: Our Mission and Values

Jan 21, 2015

by Geoff Nudd, CEO at ClearCare Many of our partners got into the home care industry to “do well by doing good” — striving to build great businesses and to make things better for seniors and families.  Yet, so often we hear of agency owners and staff feeling buried in the incredibly demanding logistics of running an agency — and in the challenges of managing some of life’s toughest situations. We view home care staff and caregivers as heroes, but from what we hear they often don’t feel that way!  We want to help.  Our Mission is to empower our partners to be successful — to operate as efficiently as possible and grow, and to improve healthcare and aging. Our read more »

ClearCare and Right At Home Announce Participation in a Joint Study to Improve Aging

Jan 19, 2015

ClearCare, Researchers from Harvard Medical School’s Department of Health Care Policy, and Right at Home recently launched a joint partnership. This partnership supports a program called “The Intervention in Home Care to Improve Outcomes,” or simply “In Home.”  In Home will test a new, large scale randomized intervention designed to improve health outcomes, prevent hospitalizations, and lessen Medicare spending among private-pay home care recipients. The In-Home program is made up of two components: 1) early identification of any changes in a patient’s condition, and 2) monitoring and/or helping to manage these changes in the home. If certain changes continue undetected and unmanaged, they can often worsen into expensive hospitalizations. By identifying avoidable conditions in their early stages, deciding the right read more »

ClearCare: The Story Behind Our Company

Jan 14, 2015

by Geoff Nudd, CEO I created ClearCare because of my grandmother’s need for care. In 2006, my dad, who lived in Austin, Texas, was coordinating care for my grandmother who lived in Macomb, Illinois. As anyone with an older family member in need of care knows, it can be difficult to keep everyone in the loop about your loved one’s well being — and whether they’re getting the attention they need. Dad had a hard time getting caregivers to show up on time. He also had difficulty getting the information he needed to ensure that my grandmother was receiving  proper care. To get my family and grandmother’s caregivers on the same page, I created a simple process: caregivers would report read more »

ClearCare Introduces Schedule Genie™

Dec 19, 2014

  ClearCare works with many of the world’s largest home care agencies, and a key, common issue they all struggled with was the ability quickly and easily schedule caregivers for their clients. They also looked to reduce their unemployment claim liability and strove to enhance the quality of care they provided to their clients. In response to home care industry professionals we’re thrilled to announce ClearCare Schedule Genie. Schedule Genie’s enhanced functionality provides home care agencies with unique features that significantly improve scheduling efficiency, cut down on scheduling time by as much as 75%, reduce agency liability when faced with erroneous unemployment claims, and help increase quality of care. What is ClearCare Schedule Genie? With Schedule Genie, customers get: Care read more »



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