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3 Ways Home Care Software Helps Traveling Caregivers

Apr 18, 2014   //   Comment

From beginning to end, vacations are fun and exciting.  Choosing a destination, making the preparations and reliving the trip through photographs once you’ve returned home – the entire event is a joy.  It should be a joy, anyway.  Unfortunately for some seniors and their caregivers, traveling is more of a frustrating burden than anything else.  Without proper organization, preparations can get overwhelming, travel dates and times can get confusing, and the trip itself can be stressful.  How can a robust homecare system or homecare software make travel more enjoyable for seniors and their caregivers? Let’s discuss three ways. 1.       Stay on schedule.  As we mentioned, staying organized is a key element of stress-free travel.  Traveling caregivers who use a sophisticated read more »

Build a Referral Network with ClearCare

Apr 17, 2014   //   Comment

Whether you are just opening your doors, or have been an established home care agency for years, your goal as an agency administrator is to grow your business.  One key way to do this is by building a solid referral network.  Think about the referrals you make yourself.  No doubt you’ve made recommendations on movies you’ve seen or restaurants you’ve enjoyed.  This word-of-mouth advertising creates buzz and excitement in your friends and family and encourages them to try what you’ve tried.  How can you use this same principal in your home care agency? A robust home care system and home care software like ClearCare Online can help. Using Home Care Software to Cultivate Referral Relationships As a home care agency read more »

Helping Seniors Use the Internet Safely

Apr 16, 2014   //   Comment

For many of us, using the internet is second nature.  When we have a question, we Google it.  We pay bills, chat with friends, and shop using the internet.  But for seniors who didn’t grow up with computers, the internet can be a scary place.  They may have heard stories of identity theft or fraud and scams that have cost other seniors their life savings. Or they just might not understand how the internet works.  Either way, family members and caregivers can help seniors use the internet safely and enjoy everything it has to offer. Staying Safe Online The internet creates amazing opportunities for individuals to connect with friends and make new ones, plan exciting trips, learn new things or read more »

Study Shows Seniors Becoming More Tech Savvy

Apr 15, 2014   //   Comment

Marla, a 70-year-old grandmother of three has started using email in the past couple of years to keep in touch with her granddaughter who is a freshman in college. Marla has also found that Facebook is a fun way to see what the rest of her family is up to and that there are a wealth of old recipes accessible through her home computer. And Marla’s not the only one! According to a recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, a growing number of senior citizens are becoming open to the idea of technology, including the use of the internet and cell phones. In fact, the data released in the study, titled “Older Adults and Technology Use” reports that read more »

Helping Seniors Avoid Charity Burnout

Apr 14, 2014   //   Comment

Americans are inundated with “junk” mail and telemarketing calls. From sweepstakes promising riches to charities asking for handouts to help impoverished children or suffering animals, it can be difficult to decipher what is worth one’s time and what is simply…junk. For seniors, this determination can become even more difficult, especially where charity requests are involved. A recent article on highlighted the issues that face many seniors when they receive unexpected requests for charity. While many seniors want to help, and enjoy the feeling of being needed as part of a larger quest for good, a good understanding of how to decipher legitimate  causes and requests is of the utmost importance. How Home Care Software Can Help For seniors living independently, read more »

Will Technology Mean the End of Nursing Homes?

Apr 11, 2014   //   Comment

Only child Linda was used to calling her mother three or four times a day to ask if she’d remembered to take her medications. Linda also made it part of her daily routine to drive over to her parent’s house at least once a day to make sure that her parents were eating properly.  Just when the situation was getting overwhelming and Linda’s husband was suggesting nursing home care, Linda’s parents began using a system called Lively. Six sensors were placed in various areas of the elderly couple’s home, including on the pillbox and refrigerator.  These days Linda can remotely monitor her mother’s medications and “see” the number of times her parents open the fridge.  Linda can now rest easy, read more »

5 Spring Super Foods

Apr 9, 2014   //   Comment

For many of us, this has been the winter that wouldn’t end, but spring should be just around the corner.  When it does (finally) arrive, it will mean more than just sunshine and tulips. Spring brings with it a crop of nutrient-rich super foods that are especially beneficial for older ones. Caregivers will want to make certain the seniors in their care have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables available for meals and snacks. Daily reminders can be set in their homecare software or homecare system to check the fridge and pantry and make notes on what groceries are needed. Fresh Foods to Try this Spring Spring is the season foodies love.  Grocery stores and farmer’s markets start filling up read more »

Involving Youth in Elder Care

Apr 8, 2014   //   Comment

As grandparents and loved ones get older, watching changes in cognitive function, mobility, vision and hearing can be difficult for family members. However, these changes can be especially distressing and confusing for youth in the senior’s life, such as grandchildren. While young children may be confused by why Grandma can no longer drive, or why Grandpa doesn’t respond when they talk to him because he can’t hear well, older youth may be saddened by the changes in an important figure in their life. However, watching a loved one age need not be a frightening experience for youth. By utilizing open family communication and finding ways to keep younger family members involved in appropriate ways, family caregiving can be a rewarding read more »

New Undergarment Helps Protect Seniors…From Falls!

Apr 7, 2014   //   Comment

While it may seem silly for underwear to protect you from falls, a new development is aiming to use undergarments to do just that for senior citizens. A recent unveiling by two top technology developers at the SXSW conference takes panties to a whole new level of protection for America’s aging population. It’s no secret that falls are the number one culprit of injuries for people ages 65 and older in the United States. Falls put seniors at a major risk of injury, ranging from simple bumps and bruises to hip breaks and even death. However, with new tech-savvy undergarments, fall and associated injury prevention may be entering a new era. Dr. Robert Buckman, inventor of ActiveProtective, aims to give read more »

Evolving Senior Activity Centers

Apr 4, 2014   //   Comment

When most of us think of a senior activity center, we probably picture bingo tables and community rooms where older ones gather together to sit and visit.  While the majority of our nation’s 1,500 senior centers still feature the classic activities for the elderly, many are now adapting to meet the needs of fitness-focused Baby Boomers.  Today’s senior centers recognize that many of those who will be interested in using their facilities are more focused on exercise, the arts, and education.  Similar to homecare systems and homecare software, which helps keep seniors safe and healthy at home, updated senior centers are striving to create a healthier, more inviting atmosphere. How Senior Centers are Changing In an effort to draw in read more »


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