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Planning in Advance for Elder Care

By Derek Jones on Aug 16, 2012

eldercare planningWhen most of us start thinking about planning for the future, we set financial goals for retirement and debt reduction.  Many of us forget to include elder care in our plans – which can be a costly mistake.  If you are unprepared for the costs of care now, think of how challenging it will be to cover those costs later.

Elder care planning involves setting specific objectives and implementing sound strategies in order to achieve them.  Your focus should be on how you can live out the end of your days comfortably and securely.  Having a plan in place will make transitioning into your golden years that much easier.

Creating your Elder Care Plan

Establishing certain objectives is key when creating a successful elder care plan.  Where do you hope to live?  How will you cover care costs?  Who will you rely on for decision-making if you’re incapable?  You will also want to think about:

  • Living expenses
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Power-of-attorney
  • Long-term Care insurance
  • Home care systems and home care software

Living expenses during your elder years will likely differ from your retirement years, so it’s important to strategize and set appropriate budgets.  Setting up Power of Attorney documents now will ensure that the right individuals are designated to make your financial and health decisions should you become incapacitated.  The world of insurance can be tricky to navigate so it’s best to start the journey before immediate decisions need to be made.

Considering Home Care Systems

Researching home care systems will help you decide on the most reliable home care software – such as ClearCare.  ClearCare’s home care software is the most comprehensive and functional of all the home care systems on the market.  Reliable home care systems ensure you receive safe and quality home care – an essential part of elder care planning.

If creating a detailed elder care plan becomes too much for you, consider working with an attorney who specializes in elder care, or speak with a geriatric care manager.  If you have questions about home care software, call ClearCare today.  One of our friendly representatives will be happy to explain why home care software should be an integral part of your elder care plan.


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